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In which I have a bleed through problem

The pantry hallway before

The hallway after.

The whiteish paint I have applied to the walls over the wood paneling is being compromised by brown bleed through. Even though I did a layer of Kills primer first. Suggestions for tomorrow? I have one layer of kills and 3 layers of paint and brown bleed through.
It's this paneling

Laundry room... Day 1

Our basement-dwelling vet Mark this morning said to me, "And what are you doing today?"
"Waiting for inspiration."
"Can inspiration arrive while we are tearing out the laundry room floor?"

Usually I'm the one to yell, "Charge!" but today he did the pushing.
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Radon mitigation

Have you hired someone in the area to help with a radon problem in your home? Plx to be telling me about your experience with them?

Good Roofers

We need some recommendations for good roofers... we have a Denver Square built in 1906... this is not a project we can tackle by ourselves. Anyone, anyone?

I promise to post some pics of our renovations over the past 13 years just as soon as we've dealt with the roof.

denver landscapers - recommendations?

Have any of you works with a landscaping company that was reliable and affordable? I am looking to get some quotes on a flagstone patio area and mulching my backyard and a couple of other things.
 Hi o/

Firstly, if this is agianst the rules then I apologise and expect to be deleted.

I am trying to start a community to help people do all kinds of things for themsleves, anything from making clothes and beauty products to just fixing furnature. A place for exchanging tips and asking questions. I think this would work particually well on LJ but only if we get a lot of members. We only just started.

If you have any usefull skills (you do, come on) or you would just like to learn to do more for yourself then come join and get posting.


Hope to see you soon.



Oh, boy, I have mold in my basement! Isn't this exciting?

You see, I've had "Replace the cracked basement windows" on my To Do list for a while now, but I just haven't had the funds yet. Well, our recent monsoons have pushed that item (as well as "Get new carpet in the basement") to the top of the list.

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Now I have two basement rooms with mold growing in the carpet. My plan is to rip out the carpet and padding, kill whatever mold I can, and then paint the concrete with Kilz. The floors will have to stay bare until I can afford to replace the carpet.

Has anyone had to do this? What tips do you have about removing mold? How about applying Kilz in rooms where I can't get any ventilation? Do you have any advice that might help me get my basement to a point where I can be in my house without being miserable?

(BTW, I hope to get a post up soon about my kitchen remodeling! I finally have a countertop and backsplash. The before and after pics should be significantly different.)


This weekend we re-sided the garage at the grandparent's home. Photos here:

Here is a before photo


Someday I'll do a big post about the house, and all we are doing with it.
randomdreams and I are cohabitated, so we are posting about the same house.

This is a preservation in the bathroom rather than a remodel, but I know someone will like it.

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Fun with the HOA

There's a possible conflict looming in my future with my HOA over some renovations I want to do. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in/near Boulder, Denver, or Loveland that has a successful history of dealing with HOAs on behalf of homeowners?